Former Apple Employee ‘Sam Sung’ Business Charity Auction Hits $80K

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Remember hearing about Sam Sung, the now-former Apple employee with the most ironic name? He discovered one of his business cards and decided to auction it off, donating all the proceeds to charity. Which is cool. What's more cool is that it's up to US$80,000.

From the auction:

I came across one of my old business cards the other day when it fell out of a book.

So, with a view to raising money for a very deserving charity, I'm auctioning the only “Apple Sam Sung” business card I have left and I'm going to donate ALL of the proceeds [minus eBay fees] to Children's Wish, BC & Yukon - a not-for-profit that grants wishes to sick children.

Sam Sung

Sam Sung and His Charity Auction Gear

This auction is for not just the card, but an Apple retail uniform and his notable name tag, all nicely framed. It's a restricted auction so you'll have to email the seller to get approved to bid. Which makes sense, there's 8 days left and it's already up to US $80,200 as mentioned above. Good luck!

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What a great idea - and what a cool guy!

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