Former Apple Retail Exec Lands at Monsoon Accessorize

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John Browett, the former Apple retail executive that abruptly left the company after only a few months on the job, has a new gig as the CEO of Monsoon Accessorize in the U.K. Mr. Browett was sent packing from Apple in October 2012 amid public concern that his management style would negatively impact Apple's retail stores.

John Browett, now with MonsoonMr. Browett worked for Apple for only five months as the company's senior vice president of retail. During his short tenure, he came under fire for retail employee layoffs that he later called a "mess up" that resulted from changes he made to store staffing plans. He previously served as CEO of the European tech retailer Dixons.

Monsoon founder Peter Simon seems happy with the company's new CEO, saying Mr. Browett "has the skills and experience needed to take Monsoon Accessorize to the next level."

Monsoon Accessorize is a clothing and accessories retail chain with more than 1,000 stores in several countries. Mr. Browett will take the helm on March 4, according to The Guardian.

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Assuming Mr. Browett's job with Monsoon Accessorize works out as well as his time at Apple, he may not want to get too comfortable in his new office.

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