Former Apple Employee Sues for Overtime Pay

Kenyon Zahner, a former Apple employee in Florida, is suing the company over claims that he was forced to work more than 40 hours a week without overtime compensation. The case was filed on August 4 in the Florida Southern District Court, but doesn't specifically state what Mr. Zahner's job was when he worked for Apple.

According to the filing, "The defendant knowingly had the plaintiff work off the clock and did not pay the plaintiff overtime."

Mr. Zahner isn't, however, able to specify exactly how many hours he put in without pay because, according to his attorneys, Apple is retaining all of his employment records. If those records don't show unpaid overtime hours, however, Mr. Zahner may have a hard time proving his case.

Mr. Zahner's case was filed as a class action suit, so he is seeking unspecified damages for himself and other Florida-based Apple employees that weren't paid for overtime work.

[Thanks to InformationWeek for the heads up]