Former Apple Employees Sue Over Pay Violations

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A group of former Apple Genius Bar employees have filed a class action lawsuit against the company over claims that they were denied breaks and weren’t properly compensated for their time.

The case was originally filed on September 15, 2009 by Steve Camuti, but former Genius Bar workers only recently began receiving notification of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that Genius Bar employees were denied regular breaks as required by labor laws, Apple failed to pay employees for those missed breaks, didn’t give employees accurate wages statements, and failed to pay former employees in a timely fashion. According to the filing, Apple failed “To authorize, permit and provide statutorily mandated rest breaks as required by law.”

The filing also alleges that Apple has routinely denied Genius Bar employees breaks and then failed to pay them for the extra time they    were required to work.

The plaintiffs in the case are asking for an injunction blocking Apple from denying employee breaks, legal fees, and reimbursement for unpaid wages.

Apple hasn’t commented on the case.

[Thanks to The Loop for the heads up.]

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Don’t you have to have the names of at least SOME other employees who may or have experienced the same thing? The lawsuit says it is filed on behalf of 1-50 of unknown and seeks to find them as a result OF the lawsuit.

Something’s really messed up there. The legal fees are going to be higher than the actual award for missed breaks of a few hourly employees. And if I’d ever gotten paid for any of the breaks I missed as an hourly employee, I could have bought a cup of coffee. I hope the judge sends them to arbitration and doesn’t waste valuable court time on this.


Labor violations are serious. It is not the amount of the lost wages that are the real issue here, but rather the rights of the workers. As much as it pains many employers, slavery is illegal. These breaks are mandated by law and their value is far more than monetary. I say go for punitive damages and let ‘em have it.


Plus, FLSA lawsuits are quite lucrative.  One person—its a (good) cup of coffee here and there.  Multiple by thousands of employees for the past few years then treble damages and its a lawyer’s dream.

How a employer as big as Apple messed this up is beyond me.  There are some esoteric areas of FLSA (e.g. off-hours travel and training for non-exempts) but getting paid for all hours work is pretty fundamental.



The two times I have used the genius bar the person I’m supposed to meet is on break somewhere.  Not hyperbole, my wife’s iPod touch stopped shutting down.


Chris: have you tried holding the home and power buttons for ten seconds? If that doesn’t work, using the “restore” function in iTunes is virtually guaranteed to work, but it might take an hour ringer all your music back on the iPod.


I can see that happening.  One time I was being helped by a genius who was pretty miffed that he had to help me and couldn’t go “Off the Bar”.  He pretty much acted like I was a complete idiot when I explained to him that my Macbook Pro was overheating.  First he blamed the problem on me not having enough memory when the damned thing came maxed out from Apple.  Then he said it was a corrupt OS when if he looked at the case number he would have seen that Apple had already replaced the screen, the logic board, the optical drive, and the hard disk with a fresh install of the OS.  Then his final hail mary was I was running too many apps at once.  Umm, no.  When I finally asked him “Don’t you think most of your arguments would have been addressed in the last 3 months by someone in Applecare?” He flipped out and said he was going to lunch and that If I wasn’t happy with his assessment, he would have someone else help me, which never happened.

The real good geniuses are overworked. A lot of them are behind the scenes fixing all of those broken 27” iMacs and other warranty items.

It’s Apple’s fault by not paying a decent amount for good help.  So you work the good ones to death and hope the so-so ones catch up and learn something.

Hey at least they aren’t committing suicide though right?

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