Fortune to Run Excerpt from Steve Jobs Biography

Fortune will be publishing an excerpt from the official biography of Steve Jobs on Monday, October 24. The book project was approved by Mr. Jobs and was written by renowned biographer Walter Isaacson.

Fortune to run an excerpt from Steve Jobs biographyFortune to run an excerpt from Steve Jobs biography

Mr. Isaacson spent the better part of two years interviewing Mr. Jobs, his family and friends, and business colleagues. The book publisher, Simon & Schuster, said that he conducted more than 40 interviews with Mr. Jobs for the book, and hundreds more with other people from his life and work.

Mr. Jobs passed away on October 5 following a prolonged health battle brought on by a metastatic pancreas neuroendocrine tumor. Mr. Jobs was diagnosed with the tumor in 2003, and later received a liver transplant, too.

Mr. Isaacson will also be appearing on 60 Minutes Sunday evening to talk about the book. The official biography of Steve Jobs is scheduled to ship on October 24 and will be available through book stores as well as and Apple’s iBookstore.

The excerpt from Mr. Jobs’s biography will be available in the print and iPad versions of Fortune on Monday.