Fortune: Verizon iPhone Coming Soon

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Apple’s iPhone is coming to Verizon’s cell network in early 2011, according to Fortune. The publication claims to have confirmation that the mythical CDMA iPhone really is in the works and that Verizon customers won’t have to wait long to get their hands on one.

Verizon customers have been waiting for the iPhone ever since it was first launched, but haven’t been able to get in on the game because the combination iPod and smartphone uses GSM cell technology which isn’t compatible with Verizon’s CDMA network.

The iPhone on Verizon’s network? Maybe.

Analysts have been predicting Apple would introduce a CDMA-based version of the iPhone for some time, and that it would be available on Verizon’s network. China and India also sport large CDMA-based cell networks, making those countries possible targets, too.

Fortune isn’t saying how it confirmed a Verizon-compatible iPhone is on the way, so there isn’t any way to verify its sources are accurate. The notion that Fortune is saying it confirmed the launch, however, makes the rumors that a CDMA iPhone is on the way much more compelling.

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I don’t see how Apple would want a relationship with a company whose customer service reputation is so awful (former Verizon customer here). This must be about the ones being made for China.


I’d rather have a network that worked 90% of the time and customer service that worked 10% then a network with vise versa stats… Apple has been very stupid to stay exclusive with AT&T for so long.


I have never had a problem with verizon’s customer service and I have been with them since they were bell atlantic mobile…and I agree theyre network is so much better than at&t so I’ll deal with “crappy” customer service if it gets me an iphone on a better network

Lee Dronick

The AT&T network in my area works 99.9% of the time and I have not yet had a problem with their customer service.

I can not comment on Verizon as I have never had had a phone on their network.

I did have a phone on Sprint and the network was great. Customer service in the store was okay, depending on the store and staff. When I had to call them customer service was great.

All of that being said I will believe a Verizon CDMA iPhone when it is officially announced, should that ever happen. As with FlipFriddle, I think any CDMA iPhones in the works are destined for China.


Having owned a business, I have had experience with all the major cell networks. I found Verizon to be the most expensive and T-Mobile the least expensive. Sprint was very reliable. I have been with AT&T twice and Cingular in between. AT&T is my current network. They have consistently provided me with the best service.

Just over a month ago they backed out some charges from my bill because of a mistake the I (that’s right) made. It took five minutes of online chat to explain and get nearly $50 taken off my bill. They didn’t have to do this; but they certainly made me happy.


Well, it won’t be on verizon with verizon graphics plastered all over it, that’s for damn sure.


Hm, Verizon captures serious positions in the trade. Not so long ago they got Droid 2 and Droid X and soon they’ll start to sell these new iPhones.

It’s said that they’ll have new antenna which will protect telephone from failures, new 3.7 inch display and more powerful processor.

When new iPhones come to the sale, AT&T will be well ousted.


Well, it won?t be on verizon with verizon graphics plastered all over it, that?s for damn sure.

I doubt that it will be running Android either.

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