Four Apps to Save Your Valentine's Day

Planning a special Valentine's Day event and don't know where to start? Or maybe you waited until the last minute and need some ideas to keep the day from turning ugly? No problem. We've got a list of iPhone apps that can help save your Valentine's Day, and maybe even keep you from having to sleep on the couch tonight.

OpenTable (free) Finding just the right place for your romantic dinner can be kind of stressful, and making sure you get a table so you don't look like you forgot about Valentine's Day can be a pretty big deal. OpenTable has you covered for your dinner plans. It helps you pick out just the right place, and sets up your reservation, too, so there won't be any bad surprises to start off your evening.

Plan your dinner out with OpenTablePlan your dinner out with OpenTable

Fandango (free) Maybe your evening plans include dinner and a movie. Fandango has you covered for that part of the evening's entertainment. It shows what's playing at theaters nearby, shows movie ratings, and lets you buy your tickets in advance so you don't have to worry about being left out on the curb because the theater is sold out.

Get your movie tickets with FandangoGet your movie tickets with Fandango

Hotel Tonight (free) A weekend getaway can make for an especially romantic Valentine's adventure, so finding the right place to stay is pretty important. Hotel Tonight can handle that task and save you money by finding last minute deals on hotels in several cities around the United States and other parts of the world. Bonus: Even if you are a procrastinator, Hotel Tonight will make it look like you planned this weekend well in advance.

Find a romantic getaway with Hotel TonightFind a romantic getaway with Hotel Tonight

Fingle (US$1.99) Need a fun way to set the mood on your Valentine's date? How about a little finger play (take that any way you like) with Fingle. It's available for the iPhone and iPad, and is essentially Twister for your fingers. The game shows where your fingers go, and it's your job to keep touching the screen -- and to intertwine your fingers with that special someone.

The rest is up to you.The rest is up to you