Four Things To Get You Started With Apple Watch

While you wait for your Apple Watch, or wait for it to charge, here are four things you need to get started when it finally arrives, be it today or next month:

Navigation. Courtesy of Redditor macamacamac, we have a good look at the navigation on the watch, including the “Universal apps” Siri, Apple Pay, and Favorite Contacts. It turns out that navigation breaks down fairly simply: swipe left from the watch face to change the face, swipe right to get to your apps. Swipe up for Notifications and Swipe down for Glances. There are also three universal apps you can get to from anywhere: Apple Pay, Favorite Contacts, and Siri. To switch between apps, double press the Digital Crown. Check out the full article for an excellent diagram.

Then, if you have questions, we’ve rounded up some of the more Frequently Asked Questions to help you get going. Apple has also published a series of guided tour videos that show some of the specific interactions step by step.

Apps. Once you have the navigation basics figured out, it’s time for apps. Get out your iPhone and go to the Watch App Store to find the ones you want. There are some useful apps you might like, social networking apps of course, and a few notable fitness apps to help you get started. Down the line you might want to check out which airlines have Apple Watch app companions too.

Apple Pay. Just six months ago taking out your phone to pay for something was living in the future. As of today, you can wave your Apple Watch-clad arm near a payment terminal instead. Thanks to Apple Watch, you can also also use Apple Pay with more iPhones than just the 6/6+, as long as you have a “tall” iPhone (5 or higher) you can pair your Apple Watch to get payment magic on your wrist.

Purchasing. If you have yet to make a purchase for whatever reason and now you’ve changed your mind, you can always do a little research first. In the App Store app, you can choose your favorites for an in-store try-on appointment to see which one you like on your arm. Since there is no in-store watch buying until June at the earliest (and that may get extended), your trip to the Apple Store is optional, but can be useful.

Finally, if you’re wondering, those at TMO who purchased an Apple Watch listed their picks already, and you can read more about why they picked those models.