Fourth Gen iPhone Prototype Hits the Web, Again

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Photos of a next generation iPhone prototype are making the rounds, but this time they’re coming from instead of Gizmodo. The new photos seem to match those from Gizmodo, although’s images show a device with a 16GB capacity.

The Vietnamese Web site also managed to get some photos of the alleged iPhone prototype actually running what appears to be a diagnostics app. The inside of the device is similar to the earlier prototype leak and includes what looks to be an Apple-branded processor.

A video of the latest lost Apple prototype phone cropped up on YouTube, too. The video shows a case design that closely matches the photos that have already been seen, complete with front-facing camera, although there aren’t any screws on the botton of the frame.

Tech blogging site Gizmodo found itself in hot water recently after purchasing an iPhone prototype that was lost in a California bar. Local authorities seized computers and other electronic devices from editor Jason Chen’s home as part of an investigation into the iPhone prototype after Apple’s legal team demanded the return of the property.

There’s no word yet on whether or not Apple plans to pursue a criminal or civil investigation into how managed to get ahold of another prototype device.

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Gizmodo needs to take watermarking lessons from taoviet

Lee Dronick

He sure flipped and rotated it around a lot and never seem to dwell on one aspect very long. I wonder why Apple would put the SIM slot on the middle right side.


the top is getting full, 2 cameras, sensors, etc.

Lee Dronick

the top is getting full, 2 cameras, sensors, etc.

Good observation Khaled

Vern Seward

It’s fake!

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

This is not a job for REACT. Call in Team America (NSFW).

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