FourTrack 4 for iOS Adds Import, Taylor EQ, More

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Sonoma Wire Works announced Thursday the release of FourTrack 4 for iPhone and iPod touch. The new version adds several new features, including an import function, the ability to copy a track or mix to your clipboard, input monitoring, a control panel for GuitarJack, the company’s audio interface, a specialized EQ for Taylor guitars, and tweaks tot he code base to optimize it for the ARM architecture that runs iOS devices. The company also updated the app to support the Retina Display on iPhone 4.

You can download the update through iTunes. The full version is priced at US$9.99.

FourTrack Screenshot

FourTrack Screenshot

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It won’t be long before M-Audio, Tascam, Behringer, Presonus and others begin building A/D-D/A interfaces that hook up to the iPad and provide 8-, 16- or 32-track audio and MIDI recording.

An old PowerMac G3 (running at whopping 266MHz) was capable of 16-track simultaneous audio playback. No reason iPad couldn’t do it, with proper software (and external hardware).

iOS is probably the most intuitive and most efficient user interface for manipulating a DAW.

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