Fox: Apple Event to Focus on Hardware and Software

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Apple will be hosting a special media event on January 27 where most people are expecting the company to release its fabled tablet device. Fox News, however, claims to have inside information confirming that Apple will also show off iPhone OS 4 along with iLife 2010.

"I spoke to a source at Apple this morning, before the invite hit my inbox, who said the event would likely focus on three projects: The tablet device, iPhone 4, and a new round of iLife 2010 software," the Fox News report said. "While we won't see new iPhone hardware just yet, we will see the next-generation software."

While Apple isn't saying what it plans to announce at its media event, it's generally assumed we'll finally get to see the company's rumored tablet device. Rumors of a major iPhone OS update have been circulating, too.

The idea that Apple could introduce a new version of its iLife suite fits with the company's general upgrade cycle as well. Apple has shown off big updates for iLife's iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garageband, and iWeb applications at Macworld Expo -- an event the company won't be attending this year.

Fox News isn't offering any additional details about its source or what Apple might include in its iPhone and iLife updates, so for now they report should be treated as a rumor.


Lee Dronick

If there is no tablet announced we better prepare to clean up the mess after the pundits’ heads asplode.

I am anxious to hear the announcement, but I can wait six more days.


clean up the mess after the pundits? heads asplode.

“asplode”. A technical term I’m guessing, with implications of a cerebral-rectal interface???


Lee Dronick

?asplode?. A technical term I?m guessing, with implications of a cerebral-rectal interface???

I am not sure where and when I first read the word that means explode. It may in fact be quite old and because of that it can be spelled a number of different ways.

?A little a splosion is a dangerous thing, just like sex, and a great deal of it is absolutely hilarious?  Oscar Wilde

Whatever, it seems to be a good word to describe what happens when the expectations of certain personality types are not met or when they shocked into reality.

Vern Seward


I think you mean “assplode” which could have several meanings. To wit:

assplode: verb
1. to violently expel from rectum
2. to release in a sudden, often violent manner, “She was so angry and had so much to say that she assploded on him.”
3. Violently scatter anything foul, irritating, or considering disgusting, “Geez! Looks like someone assploded his lunch up in here!”



The title can be loosely translated as “Fox: Apple event to focus on Apple products.”


The title can be loosely translated as ?Fox: Apple event to focus on Apple products.?

Even looser: “Fox: Apple Event Focuses On New Stuff”

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