Foxconn Bringing in Robots for iPhone 6 Assembly

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Hon Hai subsidiary Foxconn, the company that builds iPhones for Apple, is installing 10,000 robots on its assembly lines and plans to have them operational in time to build the iPhone 6. News of the robotic assembly line comes from Hon Hai CEO Terry Gou speaking at a shareholder meeting, and follows reports that the company is hiring some 100,000 workers to build the next iPhone.

Foxconn is building robot assembly lines to build new iPhonesFoxconn is building robot assembly lines to build new iPhones

The robot workers are in the final testing stage and should be online in time to build iPhone 6 units for Apple. The robots will be used to build products faster and more efficiently than their human counterparts, and will save upwards of US$25,000 per person in employee expenses, according to IT Home (english translation).

Foxconn didn't address its human hiring spree, or what will become of those people once the robots are online and working.

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Looks like Foxconn is ready to roll out its own robot overlords. If they perform as expected it's a safe bet there will be fewer human factory worker hires in the future.


Pashtun Wally

I’d be more excited about the rise of industrial robots if there’d been ANY THINKING AT ALL about the humans put out of work (along with those overburdened by doing two or three jobs for the wage of one AFTER disemployment).

Won’t have to worry about those Foxconn workers and their conditions anymore:  they’ll be off eating garbage, drinking seawater, and dying relatively quickly, and NOT giving Apple a black eye…so that’s good, right?

Pashtun Wally

I had written a DIFFERENT comment, but when I clicked on “Submit Comment”, it told me that was invalid, then told me I was already logged in, then threw away my comment and brought me back right here:

NO, right this second I AM NOT THRILLED about roboticization…

Pashtun Wally

So, now there are BOTH OF THEM.

I’ll just stop now

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