Foxconn Hunting for 100K People to Build iPhone 6

Foxconn is apparently on the biggest hiring spree in the company's history as it hunts for 100,000 people to build Apple's upcoming iPhone 6. Foxconn has been building iPhone models for Apple for years and is expected to produce 70 percent of the what the company has ordered.

Hiring so many factory workers is a hint that Apple is looking to build up a huge inventory and may also be an indicator we'll see two new models this fall instead of one. If rumors prove true, those two models will sport larger screen sizes than we've seen on iPhones before at 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches.

Pegatron will be Apple's second iPhone production partner and is boosting its workforce by 30 percent, according to Reuters.

With both companies looking now for new employees, it's likely Apple will keep with its fall release cycle and roll out the iPhone 6 some time around September.

Apple is maintaining its usual closed-lip policy about unannounced product releases, and both Foxconn and Pegatron are keeping quiet, too. Assuming the hiring reports are accurate, it looks like Apple expects its next iPhone model to sell well and we'll likely have two screen sizes to choose from.