Foxconn Backtracks on Apple Television Production Statement


Hon Hai Precision executives have backtracked on a report that the company is ramping up to start production on an Apple-branded television. Now company leaders are saying those reports are wrong, and that CEO Terry Gou never said Apple is building its own television sets.

Foxconn says no Apple television productionFoxconn says no Apple television production

A report from late last week had Mr. Gou confirming that Apple is designing its own HD television, and that Hon Hai subsidiary Foxconn would be building the devices. He also said that a joint factory venture with Sharp would play into Apple television production.

Now, in a statement to The Next Web, Foxconn officials said “Any reports that Foxconn confirmed that it is preparing to produce a specific product for any customer are not accurate.”

With Foxconn denying that it is preparing to build a confirmed Apple television, Mr. Gou’s statements could be interpreted to mean the company is preparing to build the Apple television just in case.

Rumors about an Apple-branded television have been circulating for months, and last week’s statement from Mr. Gou added fuel to the fire. With this week’s recanting, however, and Apple’s standard “no comment” policy, the Apple television is still firmly planted in the rumor category.