Foxconn: iPad Production On Track

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Despite a report claiming significant delays in iPad production, the companies that are supplying parts for the multimedia tablet and ebook reader for Apple, say everything is on track for Foxconn to build up to 700,000 units in March.

Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek claimed at the beginning of March that Apple was looking at iPad shipments well below expectations, and that the company could delay the product launch for a month thanks to production delays. "An unspecified production problem at the iPad's manufacturer, Hon Hai Precision, will likely limit the launch region to the US and the number of units available to roughly 300K in the month of March," he said.

iPad parts suppliers, however, are now claiming they are delivering components on schedule and that the Foxconn plant that's building the units isn't seeing any delays, according to DigiTimes.

Apple introduced the iPad at a special media event in January where it said the tablet device would ship in March. The company hasn't announced an official shipping date yet, nor has it opened up its pre-order process to customers.

Both Apple and Foxconn have remained tight-lipped about the status of iPad production.

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Jeff Gamet

Yes, yes, this information comes from DigiTimes—and there is that reputation for less than accurate information. None the less, my Jedi instincts tell me the sources DigiTimes is working with are probably more accurate than Peter Misek’s sources.


If there is indeed a labor shortage at this plant, one would have to wonder if any of the workers’ rights are being violated (i.e. forced / excessive overtime).  I would feel more comfortable in purchasing such a product if Apple was monitoring the situation.  The alternative is to get another black eye if a news story breaks regarding working conditions at this plant.


Why doesn’t Apple just buy China?

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