Foxconn iPhone Orders Could Hit 85M in 2012

Foxconn looks to be on track to build between 80 million and 85 million iPhones for Apple in 2012, and upwards of 40 million iPads, according to DigiTimes.

Foxconn has historically scored big with product manufacturing orders from Apple, and assuming insider sources are correct. Both the iPhone and iPad have been strong sellers, and demand for the iPad 2 is so high that Apple is still showing shipping delays for new orders months after the multimedia tablet was introduced.

Foxconn iPhone orders for 2012Foxconn may score big with iPhone orders next year

The high number of iPhone unit orders for 2012 could be a hint rumors claiming the next iPhone will support GSM and CDMA wireless networks are right.

Apple currently ships a CDMA iPhone that’s available only on Verizon’s network, and a GSM version that’s available on cell service networks around the world. Combining support for both network technologies into a single phone would make it easier for extend the iPhone into more markets and even bring additional CDMA-based cell companies onboard.

The company will apparently be busy making products for Apple’s competitors, too. Foxconn is said to have landed a deal with Amazon to build a 10.1-inch screen tablet for Amazon in addition to the company’s Kindle ebook reader.