Foxconn Posts Jobs to Improve Apple Working Conditions

Help Wanted
Foxconn is advertising for positions to address lifestyle, safety, and security issues at its Chinese plants that supply Apple. Two fire chiefs, a safety and security officer, and a lifestyle services manager are being sought for the Shenzhen plants that build iPhones and iPads.

The positions have been advertised on the human resources website according to The Integrated Digital Products Business Group, which is doing the hiring, is one of two Foxconn groups that supply Apple.

Apple and Foxconn have come under fire for working conditions and labor practices in the factories. In addition to Apple, Foxconn supplies many of the major electronics companies, including Microsoft, HP, Sony, and Dell. Apple, however, is the only company that has voluntarily asked for independent inspection of the plants in response to the events and accusations.

With hundreds of thousands of employees in Shenzhen, these new positions will have their hands full. The fire chief and safety and security positions require education and experience in those areas. The lifestyle manager position will be responsible for conditions at the dormitories, canteens, and health departments at the company’s facilities.

The Fair Labor Association, which conducted the independent inspections of the facilities for Apple, had both good and bad to say about conditions there. These new positions could be intended to address some of the issues they discovered. Foxconn has been making improvements for workers and recently increased the salary of junior workers.