Foxconn Reopens Electronics Polishing Factories

Foxconn has reopened its electronics polishing facilities following an investigation to the circumstances the led to an explosion that killed three workers and injured 15 others. The factories had been closed as a precautionary measure while the company performed safety checks.

Foxconn logo

An explosion in Foxconn’s Chengdu factory on May 20, which was most likely caused by combustible aluminum dust in air ducts, prompted the company to temporarily close its polishing facilities while conducting an investigation into the incident. The shutdown was said to have had an impact on Apple’s iPad 2 production along with production of electronics from other companies, such as HP, Sony, Dell and Nintendo, too. 

While the factories may be open again, Foxconn hasn’t released any information about its investigation, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A Foxconn spokesperson said that the facilities would remain offline until they passed inspection tests. Presumably the factories did successfully pass the tests, although the company hasn’t said if it made any changes at the facilities.