Foxconn, TSMC Pegged as Apple Television Suppliers

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Each day seems to bring more Apple television rumors, and today’s claims that Foxconn will be building the TVs and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will supply parts. The same unnamed industry sources that offered up those tidbits also said that Advanced Semiconductor Engineering and Silicone Precision Industries could land parts orders, too, according to DigiTimes.

Yesterday a report surfaced claiming that parts suppliers are on track to start delivering television components to Apple during the first quarter of 2012. Apparently the parts are for two models that offer surprisingly small 32-inch and 37-inch screen sizes.

More Apple television rumors. ReallyThe latest Apple television rumors name Foxconn as the device builder

Those sources also said that Apple’s televisions would ship later in the year, although that conflicts with reports from media executives who claim the company’s TV efforts are still in the early stages.

Talk of an Apple television has been circulating for months, complete with talk of a release in time for the current holiday season. In October, word surfaced that Jeff Robbin, the man behind SoundJam MP and Apple’s iTunes app would be heading up the company’s television project, too.

There isn’t any official word from Apple on whether or not it is going to get into the television market because the company doesn’t talk about rumors or unannounced products. With the Apple TV already in stores, however, the company is already familiar with TV content delivery so any television plans it has will likely go beyond its current set top offering.

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Lee Dronick

Those sources also said that Apple?s televisions would ship later in the year

That would make sense. The TV goes on sale in September or October and hopefully is a hit, which would spur holiday shopping sales.


I am sure they will sell quite a few. However, the rumor of 30 and 37 inch sets is disappointing. If you considered the recommended viewing distances these options will only make sense in small rooms. Without 40 and up they will only be marginally successful.

Monika sim

It’s another scam from Apple They come up with Beta version and rip of all of us by Billions of $$$$$ and who is making their product, guess???.......China… bad why dont they built the factory here and let the Americans have job.

I dont mind paying another extra bucks to buy the product.and that way I am happy and we all happy.
And proudly they says that we have 60 billions$$$$ on the table. Shame Shame Shame Apple.Its time to do something better for the Country….

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