Foxtrot Pokes at iPad, Flash

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Foxtrot cartoon strip writer Bill Amend took a good natured jab at Apple, Adobe, the iPad and Flash on Sunday. Apple blocked Adobe’s Flash player from the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and instead has pushed HTML5 and CSS.

The strip shows Apple CEO Steve Jobs telling super heros that the iPad is the future of comics and will save them. When DC’s Flash asks if the iPad will save him, however, Mr. Jobs says that he’s out of luck.

Mr. Amend’s strip underscores the ongoing battle between Apple and Adobe over Internet standards, and shows how far into mainstream culture both company’s products reach.

The complete strip is available online at the Foxtrot Web site, Flash not required.

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Am I the only geek who doesn’t find Foxtrot that funny?


Yes, you’re the only one.  And I’m the only gamer who doesn’t like Penny Arcade.  We should start a geek freak show blog filled with similar oddities wink

Dean Lewis

But I bet we all despise Family Circus, so we can all get along. smile


Haha, that was actually pretty funny. smile

But I bet we all despise Family Circus, so we can all get along.

Agreed. +1 for Cathy, too.


I agree with Substance.  I’ve always wondered about why the little blond kid has these vertical brackets holding his glasses to his forehead.

One reason I don’t like Foxtrat and Cathy is that the artists have perhaps three or four rubber stamps of their characters - must be! - they always have the same stupid pimple of a mouth at the end of a cocoanut-like face.  Cathy has three or four mouths that Guisewite draws, plus all those raindrops that appear around her head.

They might as well just forget the art and concentrate on the dialog.

Give me Bettle Bailey and the Wizard of id any day.

Does anyone here remember King Aroo? (not to be confused with O. O. Sunk-so-low’s Little King.)


Today’s BC comic strip re the iPad

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