France Still Investigating iPhone Location Tracking

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France’s Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés, or CNIL, is still investigating a report from earlier this year that Apple’s iPhone collected user location data and stored the information in an unencrypted format, according to Breibart.

iPhone location trackingFrance is still looking into Apple’s iPhone location tracking

Apple found itself in the middle of a privacy-related controversy earlier this year when reports that the iPhone was logging user’s locations and storing the database on their computers. In some cases, the databases contained up to a year’s worth of location information that tracked iPhone owner’s movements.

According to Apple, the database only included cell tower locations that were within 100 miles of the user, and aided in location-based services. The fact that several months worth of data happened to be stored instead of only a few days was a software bug that Apple addressed with a software update.

“We have sent two letters to Apple, who have responded to us in part,” commented CNIL boss Yann Padova. “We received some clarifications, but they were not complete. The file is still under investigation.”

Word that France is still conducting an investigation follows news that South Korea hit Apple with a 3 million won fine — or about US$2,855.

France officials have not said if they plan to penalize Apple in any way for the data collection.

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Interesting map of France.

I still want to know how a user’s privacy was violated before the update that fixed this, especially when the cellular companies have exact locations for everyone and I haven’t read about anyone trying to sue them. Just because the data was on the user’s desktop, and I repeat on the user’s desktop, when was the user’s privacy violated? It should have been protected by the users password, which if broken, opens up a whole lot more information than approximately where they were.

As far as the South Korean verdict, if I were Apple, I’d challenge it even if it was less than $3K. They need to stop any lawsuits to keep class-action lawsuits from succeeding.

Lee Dronick

Interesting map of France.

That is the Bay D’ Saint Francis on the C?te D? Brouillard smile

I still want to know how a user?s privacy was violated before the update that fixed this

Yeah. I am a bit mixed on trackgate. For the most part it is Much Ado About Nothing, but I also don’t like push advertising that could happen if they know my location.

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