Freeridecoding Releases BurnAgain FS 1.3 Multisession CD/DVD Burning Utility for Mac OS X

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New Zealand software developer Freeridecoding announced the release of BurnAgain FS 1.3 on Thursday, the company's multisession CD/DVD burning utility for Mac OS X. The application allows users to repeatedly change the content of a data CD or DVD directly in the Finder.

Once burned, the discs are readable on all platforms while automatically preserving special Mac file attributes. The application supports CDR, CDRW, DVD RW and DVD-RW disks.

BurnAgain FS 1.3 boasts the following features:


  • Change the content of a CD/DVD like using a hard disk.
  • Burn multiple times without creating multiple volumes.
  • Add additional content to a disk quickly.
  • Change disk title at each burn.
  • Platform independent format.
  • Usable with CDR.
  • Usable with CDRW, DVD RW, DVD-RW.
  • Easily erase RW media.

BurnAgain FS 1.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to install and run, is available with both English and German language support and retails from $22 and up depending on licensing.

A full demo allowing 20 trial burns is also available for download.

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If you use this feature you will be able to add/write more files later, even if the recording format is CD-R only. i.e., you can write files to CD-R in multisessions, and your CD-R can work as CD-RW, virtually. It’s a very useful tool provided by Nero because there is no need to write separate CDs if there exists space in existing CD…

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