Freeverse Still Its Own Company After ngmoco Purchase

Long time Mac and iPhone app developer Freeverse was just purchased by iPhone app maker ngmoco, raising questions about the future of Freeverse's product lineup. Not to worry, the company says, because it plans to continue supporting its Mac apps while working on new iPhone and iPod touch titles, too.

ngmoco offers its iPhone games for free, and generates revenue from in-app add-on sales. That won't be the case with at least some of Freeverse's titles.

"We have no current plans to move our current hit iPhone games like Skee-Ball and Flick Fishing to the free side. They were not designed for that model and they're doing great right as they are," Lydia Heitman, Freeverse's marketing director told The Mac Observer. "Not including titles that have been announced such as Warpgate, our new titles going forward will most likely be Free-to-Play as that is where we believe the future lies in this industry."

She added "While most of our development will be for iPhone OS, as it has been since the iPhone SDK was first announced, we love the Mac community and the support they have shown us over the past 15 years. We will continue to sell and support our Mac titles."

Even though Freeverse is part of ngmoco now, the company will still operate as its own studio. In fact, Freeverse's current management team is staying, too.

"ngmoco appreciates us for who we are, and wants to keep our style and culture intact," Ms. Heitman said.

That's good news for customers since that means they can expect the same support they experienced before the ngmoco buyout, and Freeverse will be able to continue developing its own games for the iPhone and iPod touch.