Freeverse Unleashes Fairy Detector /Game for iPhone

Freeverse announced Monday Fairy Trails App, a new iPhone game that mixes fantasy with reality, and challenges users to collect fairies and butterflies they find in everyday life around them. The game requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later, and uses the camera and accelerometer of the iPhone, as well as the compass built into the 3GS for those with that version of the device.

Users shake their iPhone to activate the iPhone and then use the camera to "scan" the area around them. Fairy Trails App then reveals the fairies and butterflies that can't be seen with the naked eye, and users tap them to collect them in a jar. The more collected, the more power your detector has to detect ever-more elusive fairies.

Game features:

  • iPhone 3GS - Full AR and range of motion using compass-based movement
  • iPhone, iPhone 3G and all iPod touch models with 3.1 - Full accelerometer-based vertical movement
  • All iPhone models running iPhone OS 3.1 - Full camera support

Fairy Trails App is priced at US$1.99 at the App Store. You can find more information at its App Store listing and at Freeverse's Web site.

Fairy Trails App
Fairy Trails App Screenshot