fring Video Won’t Return to Skype

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fring users hoping Skype’s decision to block its video calls will be reversed are in for a disappointment. Skype doesn’t seem to have any interest in allowing fring access to its video call service, and its legal team is on board with the decision, too.

“Last week, following the surge in fring video calling traffic, fring service to Skype was temporarily reduced. Unfortunately, Skype and their legal team demanded not to restore your connectivity to Skype via fring,” the company said in an email to its users.

The fring service lets users communicate with their friends cia voice, chat or video through their iPhone. fring is compatible with AIM, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and more.

While the company may be blocked from Skype video chats, it plans to continue supporting other services and protocols.

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