f(x) Graphing Utility Updated To 2.5

mac:method has released an update for f(x), bringing it to version 2.5. f(x) is a scientific calculator utility designed for students and engineers. The update features an enhanced user interface, expanded numerics, and copy/paste support. According to mac:method:

mac:method Updates RPN Scientific Calculator for Mac OS X.

f(x) is an advanced programmable scientific RPN calculator for Mac OS X. It offers 20 built-in scientific functions, decimal, hexadecimal, and binary numeric input modes, and a persistent and virtually limitless stack.

Whatis New in Version 2.5:

  • Copy and Paste - numbers on the stack can be selected and copied to other applications and f(x) now accepts text pasted from another application, even mixed words and numbers and f(x) will intelligently add to the stack each decimal number as it appears in the text
  • Expanded Numerics - better internal representation of numeric data to prevent overflow when using very large numbers. This enhancement fixes a potential problem where preferences could become corrupted
  • User Interface Updates - preferences drawer provides better visual feedback when adjusting controls. Sliders now include min and max values. More intelligent display of large numbers that prevents digits from spilling beyond the limits of the window

You can find more information about the f(x) update at the mac:method Web site. f(x) 2.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$15.00.