GadgetTrak Update Fixes Report Formatting Issues

ActiveTrak rolled out an update for GadgetTrak on Friday that addressed an XML formatting issue some users were experiencing in tracking reports.

“In talking with some of our users, we noticed that GadgetTrak was generating some malformed tracking emails, sometimes giving wildly inaccurate reports,” GadgetTrak’s Ian Schray told The Mac Observer. “We whipped up this new version, and we hope it’ll help all of those affected.”

GadgetTrak 3 uses Wi-Fi router data to track and pinpoint a computer’s location, can use your computer’s camera to capture photos of who is using the machine, can send email notifications detailing where a computer is, and offers a Web-based interface for tracking lost or stolen computers.

The GadgetTrak 3.0.3 update is free and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. The GadgetTrack service costs US$34.95 annually per device.