Game of War: How to Play and Win a Casino Event

Game of War—the mobile-only MMO (massively multiplayer online game) for iOS and Android—features a number of "Events" that are key to leveling your empire and growing your army. One of the most important is the Casino Event, both the Solo version and the Inferno Solo version. Completed properly, these events are the single most profitable events in the game, but you have to do them right. Here's how.

Right up front: If you are higher than Stronghold Level 8 or 9 (SH8, SH9), you must have High Roller mode to complete a Casino Event. High Roller mode allows you to earn 10 times the points per spin. The point requirements are simply too high to complete a Casino Event otherwise. High Roller mode also earns 11 times the rewards for 10 times the Casino Chips. That 10 percent bonus is part of making these Events profitable for you.

But here's the rub: High Roller mode can only be purchased in Gold Packages with real money. If you are new to the game or are reading this because you started a second or third account, I've seen High Roller mode in a US$9.99 Gold Package—once. I've also seen it in a $19.99 Gold Package.

If you want to minimize your spending, keep your stronghold at a low level and wait until MZ offers you one of these specific packages with High Roller mode. Once you've purchased a $9.99 package, you'll never see another. The same is true for the $19.99 packages, and most do not have High Roller mode.

If money isn't a concern, High Roller mode is available in most (if not all) $99.99 packages.

Pro Tip: if you have the patience of a saint (or are building a second or third account for fun), sit at level 8 for as long as you can. There's a leaderboard for Casino Events, and with High Roller Mode you can land on the leaderboard at this level every time just by completing the event. You will earn tons of VIP points, crafting mats, Gold bonuses, and more just by playing these events at low levels.


Events can be found in the Event menu in your main Empire view, as shown in the image below.

Casino Event

Empire View - The Event menu button is highlighted

Tapping that button gives you the Event menu, as shown below. In my example below, I have an Alliance Event, Solo Event, and Inferno Solo Event. Depending on your kingdom, you might also see a Kingdom event. MZ—the company that makes Game of War—is always tweaking this element of the game, so your mileage may vary.

Casino Event

The Events Menu

Speaking of varying mileage, these events are constantly tweaked. They also scale the higher level you are. At low levels, events are relatively easy to complete. The higher level you go, the harder they get. Level 15-18 seems to be the sweet spot for Casino Events in particular, but always check your numbers before you start one—I talk a lot more about those numbers below.

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Page 2 - The Game of War Casino, Casino Events, and Math


Casino Events

Casino Events are events that reward players for earning a certain number of points in the Casino, which you can find under the More tab, as shown below.

Casino Event

The More Tab, with Casino Highlighted

Game of War Casino

There are currently three types of casinos—Casino, Research Casino, and War Builder Casino. Most Casino Events coincide with the War Casino, and that's the one I recommend you focus on unless you have already leveled up your Altar, Prison, and Hall of War to level 21. If you have, you could wait for the very rare Casino Event that uses the Research Casino, but don't hold your breath.

War Builder Casino

The War Builder Casino

The War Builder Casino

The War Builder Casino features four spots for chests, eight slots for RSS (in-game shorthand for resources), 15-Minute Speedups, 60-Minute Speedups, and one 3-Day Speedup. It also features War Bonds, Sacrificial Daggers, Shackles, and Books of War. These are special items that can only be won in this Casino, purchased with Gold, or sometimes found in Gifts.

There have been vast tomes written on the money-sink that are these items, and I'll leave it to you to research that topic as it is outside the scope of this how-to.

Each spin of the Casino requires Casino Chips. These drop from monsters, are found in gifts, come in your Secret Gifts, and are often recovered in Dig Sites—especially Uncommon (L3) and Rare (L4) Dig Sites. Some Gold Packages will include Casino Chips, and of course, you can always purchase them with Gold. That's where the vast majority of the Chips you need to complete a Casino Event will come from, and I'll go into that in more detail below

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Page 3 - Game of War Event Math



In general, if you want to make the most out of your Events, do some math before you start them. Know how many points you need and where you will get those points. For Research, Construction, and Troop Events, know how many Speedups those points will cost you. Compare the value of those Speedups to the value of your Event rewards—do the event only if the payout is worth at least 80 percent of what it cost.

When it comes to Casino Events, the cost isn't Speedups, it's those Chips I mentioned. So first, let's figure out how many you need. MZ caters these events to your Stronghold Level and/or your Power. I don't know the exact formula they use, but I know the higher you get, the more points each Event requires and the higher the rewards.

Let's take a look at my most recent event on a Stronghold Level 15 account—that's the Inferno Solo Event with three tiers of rewards. One at 4,000 points, one at 74,000 points, and the third at 265,000 points. These can fluctuate, so always check the points required before you start the event. Here's what this one looks like:

Casino Event

Inferno Casino Solo Event

High Roller mode requires 50,000 Casino Chips per spin and pays 2,000 points per spin for the Event. For this particular event, Prize 1 requires two spins, Prize 2 requires a total of 37 spins, and Prize 3 133 spins (for a total of 266,000 points), respectively.

Pro Tip: the reward for the 4,000 point tier is usually 90,000 Casino Chips. With High Roller mode, it takes two spins to hit it, or 100,000 Chips. That means you get two spins for a net cost of 10,000 Chips. Even if you only win RSS, that is worth it every single time.

If you are going to hit the third tier, you will need a minimum of 15 uninterrupted minutes. Don't do what I've done and try to do it with too little left in the event because you won't be able to hit it. It's only by getting the rewards that spinning the casino can be considered "profitable," so approach these events methodically and calculatingly. This is even more important in the higher level events which can require significantly more points.

Working with the numbers above, you need 100,000 Chips to complete the first tier, another 1.75 million Chips to get to the second tier (1.85 million altogether). Hitting the third tier requires a total of 6.65 million Chips for all 133 spins.

Have the required number of Chips before you start the event so you aren't left scrambling.

Pro Tip: sometimes the Solo Event and Inferno Solo Event will both be Casino Events. This means you get another layer of prizes for your spins that makes these events even more profitable. If you want to make the most of your Casino Chips, wait until both Events are Casino Events.

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The rewards for every event—not just the casino events—are key. MZ constantly shifts these events. Sometimes the rewards are awful—just plain awful—and shouldn't be touched with a 10-foot pole attached to the end of a Selfie Stick. Sometimes they are insanely great and should be jumped on with rabid glee.

The Casino Events come in two forms—pure Casino Events and Events that mix Casino points with Research, Building, and/or Troop and Trap Training. This how-to focuses on the pure Casino events. I recommend never using Casino points in the mixed events unless you need just a few to hit another tier.

The screenshot below shows the rewards for the Casino Event we started with above. 90,000 Casino Chips for the first prize, 10,000 Gold and 90,000 Casino Chips for the second tier, and 75,000 Gold for the third tier. Allow me to emphasize that these change frequently, so be sure of what you are getting before you start.

Casino Event

Casino Event Rewards

All told, that's 85,000 Gold and 180,000 Casino Chips in rewards. The reason why these events are so profitable is because that's almost as much as it costs to play the event (more on that below).

You not only get most of your Gold back, you get the fruits of 210 spins. This will usually include 4,000-10,000 more Gold (from Chests), many hundreds of hours of Speedups, mountains of RSS, crafting mats (from Chests), and a hundred or more each of the Daggers, Bonds, Books, and Shackles you need to level your Altar, Embassy, Hall of War, and Prison.

Another Event

On my SH21 account, I've been seeing another Casino Event, and this one is trickier. Let's take a look at the prizes:

Casino Event

Another Casino Event with Different Prizes

It pays out in much-needed 7-Day and 30-Day Speedups. That's great, but you aren't getting any Gold or Casino Chips back for another event. You're burning a lot of Gold—270,000 Gold worth of Casino Chips (see below for more on buying Chips)—to get 200,000 Gold worth of Speedups.

It's a guarantee that you need those Speedups at high levels, and with 360 spins, I'm going to guess you'll get another 200,000 Gold worth of additional items once you are done. Maybe more. The things is that it's a one-way trip for this particular Gold. To complete another Casino Event, you'll have to have (or buy) more Gold. If you were going to spend it on Speedups anyway, do this event. I'd call it a no-brainer compared to buying those Speedups directly.

MZ has scaled this event in this fashion to get you to buy more Gold Packages. That's a fact. Just be aware of it and play accordingly.

Three Card Monty

Time out for a little three card monty by MZ. If you land on the Chest, you will be given a choice of three chests. You can pick one for free, or you can pay 10,000 Gold to get all three.

Here's how it works: it doesn't matter which chest you pick. MZ appears to establish a weighted result at the time of your tap. No matter which chest you pick, you win the result of that weighted, random number. Roughly 66 percent of the time, you will get the least value with your choice. Roughly 5-10 percent of the time, you'll get the highest value, with the remainder going to the middle value.

The chests include speedups (roughly 15 percent of the time), crafting mats (roughly 15 percent), RSS (roughly 50 percent), and Gold (roughly 20 percent).

If you pay 10,000 Gold to get all three chests, the total value of those three chests is dramatically increased to make it worth your while. For instance, if you take your free chest and it's Gold, the total Gold included in all three chests will usually be 3,000 to 7,000 Gold. Pay 10,000 Gold to get all three, and the total value will always be in a range from 10,080 Gold to 11,800 Gold.

The problem is you don't always get Gold or even Speedups. Sometimes you get crafting mats or RSS. While the total value of those mats and RSS will also increase if you paid to get all three, they might not be things you want to pay 10,000 Gold for.

That makes it risky unless you are a massive Spender who couldn't care less about managing your Gold. If that's you, pay 10,000 Gold for all three chests every time. Otherwise, tap one and enjoy the results. Don't get caught up on the contents of the other two chests. Your results were based on a roll of the digital dice, not your tap.

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Page 5 - Buying Chips and Playing the Event


Buying Those Chips

Now that we know how many Casino Chips we need and the rewards we will get from completing the event, we need to consider how to get enough Casino Chips to play. Some Gold Packages include 6 million Chips in them right off the bat. If you get one of those packages, just save those Chips until you get an Event. If you're lower level, those Casino Chips may allow you to complete two or three Casino Events.

There are only two ways you should buy Casino Chips for in-game Gold. The first is buying a 600,000 marker for 9,500 Gold. It is the second-cheapest per-Chip price you can get. That works out to 0.01583 Gold per Chip compared to 0.016 Gold per Chip for the 4,000 Gold 250,000 Chip marker shown below. That fraction of a Gold discount adds up quickly when you're buying millions of Chips. At the other end of the spectrum is the 7,000 Chips for 200 Gold, or 0.0286 Gold per Chip. Ouch.

Don't think you will "save" Gold by buying a smaller denomination. Buy only the 600,000 Chip markers and keep any leftovers for the next Event!

Casino Event

Buy Chips Under "Resources" in the Store Under Items

But there's an even better way to buy Chips, and that's under Treasures in the Store under Items. There you'll find a Casino Chest with ten 600,000 Casino Chips markers, as shown below. That's 6 million Chips—almost enough for the full 265,000 point event we've been looking at—for 90,000 Gold. That's a savings of 5,000 Gold compared to buying them individually, with a cost per-Chip of 0.015 Gold.

Casino Event

The Casino Chest Contains 6 Million Casino Chips for 90,000 Gold

Ideally, you'd always have enough Gold to buy a full Casino Chest, keeping the leftovers for the next event. That simply won't be possible for everyone, but if you can, it's the best way to manage your Gold and Casino Chips for these events.

Playing the Event

Now that we've planned everything we need, there's just playing the event. That's simply a matter of tapping the Spin button 133 times, choosing a chest every once in a while, and trying not to fall asleep. When you're done, you might have as many as five to ten 3-Day Speedups, hundreds of 60-Minute and 15-Minute Speedups, 3-10 Million Food, Stone, Ore, and Wood, 1 million or so Silver, varying crafting mats, additional 3-Hour, 8-Hour, 15-Hour, and 24-Hour Speedups (from chests, but the variance here is VERY high), and the above-mentioned hundred or so Daggers, Books, Bonds, and Shackles.

The net cost of all that effort is roughly 15,000 Gold and 30 minutes of your time. If you have the Gold to invest, it is so worth it. If you don't, stick to the almost-free two-spin prize tier. Those add up, too.