Game On! Apple TV gets Game Controllers

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If you plan on getting into multiplayer games with the new Apple TV you just ordered, or aren't into using the included remote as a game controller, Apple has an accessory for you: the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller. It's available as an add-on option when you buy your Apple TV, and it's a lot cheaper than buying a second Apple Siri Remote.

Apple offers game controllers as accessories for new Apple TVApple offers game controllers as accessories for new Apple TV

The Nimbus looks like a typical game controller with the usual assortment of buttons and a D-pad. It connects to your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad via Bluetooth and sports a rechargeable battery rated to get you through 40 hours worth of gaming, and recharges via Lightning connecter. It's priced at US$49.95.

If you're worried about accidentally breaking the Siri-enabled Apple Remote that ships with your Apple TV, the Nimbus may be a smart investment. Replacing your Apple TV Siri Remote will set you back a hefty $79. Apple also sells a $12 Apple TV Siri Remote wrist lanyard that can help keep yours from flying across the room.

Apple sells the Siri Remote so you can replace the one that shipped with your Apple TV. Only one remote can be paired with your Apple TV, so buying extras means they'll just sit around in a drawer until your original gets lost or broken.

Guitar Hero fans are getting some love, too. Apple is also offering a Guitar Hero guitar as an Apple TV accessory for $99.95. Apple said the game is coming to Apple TV, so expect to see that appear around October 30th when the first pre-orders are being delivered.

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Holy crap, that “wrist lanyard” isn’t $12 it’s $13! for a lanyard! Yes it clicks into the lightning port but they don’t say that it actually does anything but give you something to grip.

How well can it hold if you’re swinging it around? Nintendo says it’s wrist straps are a must, Why not learn from them?

johnny getz 1

I suggested to my son the wrap the Remote recharge cord around the kids wrists when not charging for a safety strap.

johnny getz 1

I suggested to my son to wrap the Remote charging cord around the kids wrists to serve as a lanyard.

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