GameSalad Now Offers iPhone Game Publishing

Gendai Games on Thursday announced that its GameSalad, its iPhone game development software, now offers the ability to publish titles on the App Store under two levels of membership: the casual-oriented Express, for US$99 a year, and Pro, for $1,999 annually. Gendai’s iPhone Early Access Beta Program, which was introduced in Sept., is now concluded.

GameSalad enables non-technical users to create games without needing to write any programming code. Gendai said tens of thousands of them have downloaded GameSalad Creator since it launched earlier this year. The new GameSalad Membership Program gives game creators access to GameSalad Viewer, an iPhone app that connects to the software through a wireless connection and eliminates the need to build a game with Xcode to test and play it. They also get to use the iPhone export service, which converts GameSalad games for submission to the App Store.