GameStreamer Adds Mac Games; Is Steam Next?

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GameStreamer Inc. on Wednesday announced that their digital distribution web site now also sells Mac games. Available titles include PlayFirst’s Diner Dash series and other puzzle, adventure, and hidden object games from several publishers. GameStreamer said it will add more publishers in the coming months.

Meanwhile, evidence recently emerged that Valve may be releasing a Mac version of its Steam digital distribution client. Screenshots posted at the Steam forum indicate pointers to Mac OS X menu components in Steam, which is currently Windows-only. None of Valve’s games run on Mac OS X, and no evidence has surfaced that ports are in the works, aside from a report at Inside Mac Games noting that a Valve employee says on his LinkedIn profile: “REALLY looking for senior Linux + Mac engineers.” Admittedly, that is scant evidence.

It should also be noted that Steam distributes plenty of non-Valve games, including some already available for Mac OS X, such as Civilization IV and its expansion packs, so it’s possible Valve will release the software for the Mac and simply distribute existing Mac games without adding its own.


AP has images from an ad campaign that Valve has been running on a select set of gaming blogs. The images are riffs on Apple ads, from the 1984 ad to the iPod silhouette ads and the “I’m a Mac” ads. Each ad features characters from Valve’s own games, which indicates to me that a port of the Source engine is on it’s way, paving the way for Mac versions of Half-Life 2, CounterStrike Source, Team Fortress 2, and Portal.

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