Gaming & Relaxation Apps Dominate Holiday iPhone FaceBook Chatter

iPhone users discussing apps focused on gaming and relaxation apps in the days surrounding the Christmas holiday (December 24th through December 28th), according to monitoring company Mplayit. The company released Top 10 lists for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Mobile Java-based cell phones, lists that suggest differentiation between the platforms.

For instance, iPhone users discussed and shared information about games and relaxation apps, as mentioned above, while Android users discussed more utilities. BlackBerry users focused more on information and travel-related apps. The BlackBerry list was also the only platform where a Bible app appeared in the Top 10.

Games utterly dominated the Mobile Java platform, and Mplayit said in a statement that Tiger Woods' mistress scandal appeared to have helped that app, as it was the second most discussed and shared app.

Top 10 Shared Apps for iPhone

1. Finger Physics
2. iFarm by Play Mesh
3. Puzzle Paint 3D
4. Sony Music Holiday Yule Log
5. Tap Tap Tattoo
6. MotoX Mayhem
7. Music Aurora Pro
8. Skies of Glory
9. Catan
10. NASA App for iPhone

Top 10 Shared Apps for Android

1. ReaderScope
2. Google Sky Map
3. Power Manager
4. Barcode Beasties
5. Google Goggles
6. Amazed
7. Barcode Scanner
8. Aloqa
9. OI Update
10. Pinball

Top 10 Shared Apps for BlackBerry

1. Call Blocker Pro
2. The Hockey News
3. Firefighter's Calculator
4. Vlingo
5. TIME Mobile
6. Trivial Pursuit
7. Sudoku Lite
8. Aces Traffic Pack-Lite
9. One-Touch Photo Dialer
10. Bible

Top 10 Shared Apps for Mobile Java

1. Cafe Solitaire
2. Tiger Woods 2009
3. Sonic Jump 2
4. Deal or No Deal
5. The Sims 3
6. Skate
7. Guitar Hero
8. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
9. Bejeweled
10. Cooking Mama