Ganas Hits Apple, Others with Communication Patent Suit

Ganas slapped Apple, along with more than 20 other companies, with a law suit alleging patent infringement related to Internet-based communication. According to the lawsuit, the companies are using systems in their products that allow information to pass through firewalls and out to the Internet.

The lawsuit names patent 7,316,913, which is an ““XML/HTTP-based protocol for sending messages from one object to another across the Internet in a platform independent manner.” The suit also lists patents 7,325,053, 7,734,756 and 7,007,094.

Along with Apple, other companies such as HP, TiVo, Xerox, Adobe, Charles Schwab and E*Trade are also named in the suit.

Ganas filed its suit in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas, which has a long history of favoring plaintiffs in patent-related cases. The company is asking the court for a jury trial, along with the usual damages and legal expenses.

Apple hasn’t commented on the pending litigation.

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