GarageBand 11 Adds Groove Matching, New Lessons [Update]

Along with iPhoto and iMove ‘11, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced GarageBand ‘11 at the company’s special “Back to the Mac” media event on Wednesday. The new version of the multi-track audio editing application Flex Time, Groove Matching, new lessons for guitar and piano, and a new feature called “How Did I Play?”

Flex Time is a high-end digital audio workstation (DAW) technology that allows users to move, stretch, or shorten individual notes within a recorded waveform. Brought to Pro Tools and Logic Pro not that long ago, this marks the first instance of a consumer level app having the technology that we’re aware of 

Groove Matching handles the process of getting all of the musicians in your band in sync even if they can’t actually play that way. Specifically, it allows you to set one track as the “Grove Track,” and GarageBand will then automatically make the other tracks in your recording match the timing of the Groove Track. The example that an Apple executive showed during the media event Wednesday involved a band not able to play together at all magically brought into time through this technology.

GarageBand also includes new stomp boxes and amp modeling. 

Apple has added 22 new music lessons for piano and guitar. Lessons include finger positions, and with a new feature called “How Did I Play?”, it will show you when you make mistakes, when your timing is off, and keeps a history of your lessons showing your improvement over time.

There is some great info on this new version of GarageBand at Apple’s site, including videos explaining some of the new features.

GarageBand 11 Screenshot

GarageBand Screenshot