Garmin Intros ANT+ Fitness Adapter for iPhone

Garmin announced the immediate availability of the ANT+ fitness accessory adapter for the iPhone on Tuesday. The adapter lets users record workout data to their iPhone from Garmin’s fitness tracking accessories.

The ANT+ adapter can log heart rate, run cadence, speed, pace and distance, depending on which accessories it is paired with.

Garmin Fit for iPhoneGarmin Fit for iPhone

Garmin also introduced its Garmin Fit app for the iPhone to track calories burned, time, distance speed and pace. The app also maps your running and walking routes and can auto-upload workout data to Garmin Connect, manages workout music, and more.

The Garmin ANT+ adapter for the iPhone is priced at US$49.99. Garmin Fit costs $0.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.