Gartner: PC Shipments Down 11% Worldwide, Apple Suffers in U.S.

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Gartner has released a report showing worldwide and U.S. shipments of PCs for the second quarter of 2013. There was a 10.9 percent decrease in total shipments worldwide and 1.4 percent decrease in the U.S. compared to a year ago. The data suggests a reduction in the rate of decrease, and an explanation is provided. Data for Apple is incomplete.

Here is Gartner's estimated data for worldwide shipments, comparing 2Q13 against 2Q12.

Estimated worldwide shipments, 2Q, y-y. Source:  Gartner (note spacing error on last line after 100.0)

This includes desktop and mobile PCs, notebooks, but not tablets. Mikako Kitagawa with Gartner explained: “While Windows 8 has been blamed by some as the reason for the PC market’s decline, we believe this is unfounded as it does not explain the sustained decline in PC shipments ..."

Also, “Our preliminary results indicate that this reduced market decline was attributed to solid growth in the professional market,” according to Ms. Kitagawa. “Three of the major professional PC suppliers, HP, Dell and Lenovo, all registered better than U.S. average growth rate. The end of Windows XP support potentially drove the remaining PC refresh in the U.S. professional market.”

Apple is not in the top five worldwide, traditionally cited by Gartner, but did tell The Mac Observer that "Apple could go up to 6th place in 2Q13 from 7th place where they were last quarter." That suggests some growth, but Gartner says the data is preliminary, and the worldwide number for Apple will be provided later in July.

Estimated U.S. Shipments, 2Q, y-y. Source:  Gartner

In the U.S., Apple is in the top five and experienced a 4.3 percent reduction in estimated shipments. Notable was Dell's year over year growth in the U.S. Again, what we're not seeing here is the total picture, worldwide growth (or decline) for Apple in this report.

If, as the U.S. economy improves and businesses are refreshing their PCs due to the end of XP support, some explanation for Apple's performance in the U.S. is in order. It could be due to cannibalization thanks to the iPad, but Gartner didn't provide any analysis at this time.

We'll update this report when Gartner has the worldwide data for Apple.


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Don’t know if Gartner’s numbers are right, but they have had dodgy analysis, IMO, for years. When will tablets be included in their personal computing numbers?

John Martellaro

Some would like to see iPads rolled into Apple’s Mac sales to make the company look good compared to PCs. I think it’s helpful to separate them in order to properly document the Post-PC era.

Lee Dronick

It makes sense to me. Tablets can meet many users needs that previously required a Mac, or a PC.

Paul Goodwin

I would love to see the numbers without the enterprise sales. The Apple numbers in the US are pretty remarkable considering their enterprise business for Macs (excluding iPads and iPhones) has been such a non-factor over the years. 11.6% is amazing considering they were barely a pixel width line on a pie chart years ago.

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