Gate Wants to Make Your Mailbox Smart

SAN FRANCISCO - Zikgo Labs showed off Gate at Pepcom's MobileFocus event Wednesday night, a device the company is funding through Kickstarter. Gate is an interesting addition to the Internet of Things in that it makes your mailbox smart. Using a sensor and a base station, Gate can alert you when your mailbox is opened, removing the uncertainty of knowing when your mail has been delivered.


Gate Sensor on a Mailbox

Gate can also speak to Nest, ADT pulse and MCV, and IFTTT. The base unit has a 500 foot range, while Gate+ has a 2,000 foot range. It has a predictive system built into it that gives you an estimated time of arrival, and the device can send alerts to your iPhone and Apple Watch, with Android support coming.

Plus, it has a light, as shown below.

Gate Lit

Gate Lit Up

Zikgo Labs has already manufactured 100 units it will ship once its Kickstarter campaign ends in June, and the company's modest goal of $10,000 covers those units. It's 40 percent of the way there, and additional funding will go towards ramping up manufacturing. Funding options start at $199.