Gear Up For School With Cool Gear, Part 1

September is coming, and that means school.  School means cool stuff.  Come on, admit it — you still remember the thrill of getting that new lunch box, or backpack, or box crayons.  Well, nowadays it computers, iPads, and iPhones, and I have put together a few things that will ease the way for students plus something for the little ones who are left behind at home.


The Binder Pad from ZooGue may be the perfect accessory for any student who uses an iPad 2 and 3-ring binders. The Binder Pad  securely holds the iPad inside any 3-ring binder. ZooGue never fails to impress, but this has got to be one of their best ideas ever. Protect that investment and let your kid be cool at the same time. Available in black or gray. MSRP US$29.99.  TMO review.



Earphones or headphones are almost a must for anyone college bound who wants to study in a controlled environment. The Nuforce NE-700X earphones provide solid, well balanced sound with a sophisticated look. MSRP US$65.00.  TMO review.



The Sleeve2 by Cocoon Innovations is the perfect accessory for anyone with a 13-in MacBook or 13-in MacBook Pro who also owns an iPad. The bag has zippered parts for each item, a heavy duty strap and also includes a U.S.$24.99 removable GRID-IT!™ at no extra cost.  The GRID-IT!™ is composed of numerous rubber straps that will hold all the stuff that a student will need to keep his or her computer and iPad running. MSRP US$69.99 TMO review.



Sometimes portable security for laptops is a necessity, and Griffin offers a good solution with their TechSafe Cable Lock System. It features a patented hardened steel LockBlade that slides through the hinge of the computer on one end and loops around a table leg on the other.  Connecting the two is a 1.5 meter hardened steel cable with a 4-digit combination that can be stored on line for safe backup. MSRP US$29.99



Tiny dorm room, lots of stuff?  Check out the Portable Charging Station from AViiQ. This compact system will charge four items at once, including an iPad and one of the USB ports will also sync from a Mac while it is charging. It comes in a zippered carrying case. US$79.99. TMO review.





For all those comic book fans what a better inducement to face the rigors of back to school than a gift of Captain America Headphones from Coloud.  The sound is good, the fit is good, but the theme is the thing.  Grown men are begging for my review set so they can be the coolest guy at work. The MSRP is US$40.00 but you can find them on Amazon for US$28.75.


We don’t want to forget the little guys who get left behind when everyone else goes off to school. Griffin’s ColorStudio HD may be just the answer you need to keep the little guys happy and challenged. This product requires an iPad running iOS 4.0 or higher. You need both the free app from the App Store (ColorStudio HD) and the iMarker digital stylus. With the stylus the child can choose from crayons, pencils, markers, paints, or markers as their medium of choice. There is also an eraser. Images have some animation and hidden surprises. Plus, finished pictures can be saved, emailed or printed. The MSRP for the iMarker is US$29.99.

Hub International’s Handstand is available for both the iPad and the iPad 2. Each version comes in black, white, or pink. The Handstand functions as a hard protective case, but also serves to provide an inclined tabletop surface. The primary feature of the Handstand products is the built-in rotating feature on the back that lets the user, via a heavy duty strap, easily hold the iPad in one hand while working or demonstrating with the other. The user can rotate the iPad a full 360 degrees in this mode. The MSRP for either version is US$49.95.  TMO Review.



I hope you enjoy this first part of the back to school gear list.  The next installment will follow shortly.