Gear Up For School With Cool Gear, Part 2

While putting together this part two of the gear for school list, I looked at a mouse, an iPad bag, a couple of great thumb drives, a new iPhone case, an iPad work station, and a music option. Students gotta have music.

Compact, tiny, and versatile USB drives that can go anywhere are a necessity, and Verbatim has two choices that can’t be beat.

The first drive from Verbatim is the Clip-it. It measures 1.5 x 0.5-in, holds 4 GB of information and will clip to pockets, papers, ties, notebooks, or any number of other spaces.  It comes in several colors or a three pack. The MSRP for a single unit is US$11.25. The MSRP for the 3-pack is US$32.25.



The second drive from Verbatim is the Tuff-’N’-Tiny. It measures 1 x 0.5-in, holds 2, 4, 8, or 16 GB of information and includes a small lanyard that attaches nicely to key rings. Colors also vary depending on size. I have carried one of these drives on my key ring, with all the harsh treatment a set of keys take every day, for over a year and it still works like a champ. MSRPs start at US$9.97 and run to US$40.50 depending on size.



Compact, mobile work stations are a necessity for any of today’s busy students and good sturdy stands that provide a stable work surface should not be overlooked. The iTilt iPad Desk Stand by Brackerton is light weight, folds completely flat, and holds an iPad steady in either portrait or horizontal mode. There are eight options for tilt. Many cases will fit in the stand. The MSRP is US$19.99 but I found it under US$10 at Walmart and several places on-line.




If the kids are into the industrial look, and you are into good value and saving money, then check out the Vent™ Shell iPhone 4 case. AGF makes this case from a durable polycarbonate.  What looks like tiny holes all over the surface are, in fact, holes. It’s easy to get a good grip and the case, which includes a one year warranty, is available in the colors shown in the image. The MSRP is US$9.99.


Your students gotta have music to keep them sane with all the stress of school, right? Consider the iMainGo X from iMainGo. It custom fits and protects all iPods, iPhoness and iPod Touchs while providing a premium external stereo speaker system. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a plug in charger. The MSRP is US$ 69.99, but I found it on Amazon for US$54.95.




 Everyone has their favorite mouse (or trackpad), but I have to include my favorite in this review.  I’ve been using a wireless Whirl Mini Laser Mouse with my laptop for months, and I love it. The mouse is from Smartfish Technologies. It is a full size mouse that sits on a flat platform so that it is 1.5-in above the table top. The mouse tilts left, right, forward and backward with the slightest pressure of your hand. The design takes pressure off the wrist of the user. The MSRP is US$49.95 I found it at several places on the Internet for around US$30.00. TMO Review.



College students have to go from point A to point B — and C and D and E and F for that matter, and they usually need their iPad to go with them. The best way to do that is with a sturdy, lightweight bag. I looked for something that met that criteria at a reasonable price and found the Scout iPad Shoulder Bag from STM. The outside is cotton and polyester blend and the lining is soft felt.  The adjustable shoulder strap is wide and padded. There are pockets and a buckle flap closure. In black only, the MSRP is US$55.00.




School will start up again whether the students want it to or not.  The more prepared they are, the better they will do.  I hope some of the suggestions in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Gear Up For School With Cool Gear guide will help.