Gefen Releases Two New Wireless VGA Extenders

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Gefen announced the availability of two new Wireless VGA Extenders on Friday. The devices allow users to extend their video signals from the source to the display by up to 100 feet wirelessly. The Wireless VGA Extenders come in Long Range and Short Range versions.

The GefenTV Wireless VGA Extender LR delivers video with analog L/R audio up to 100 feet, offering users the ability to tap into multiple wi-fi channels. The system comes equipped with three small antennas on its sender and receiver units and requires no additional hardware or software needed to configure.

The GefenTV Wireless VGA Extender SR delivers video with analog L/R audio up to 30 feet in distance. It does not require line of sight transmission and utilizes internal antenna to send and receive video signals.

The sender unit connects to the video source and the extender connects to the extended display. Both units are powered, which the company said increases the speed of signal delivery and minimizes interference.

Both the GefenTV Wireless VGA LR (US$599) and SR (US$499) Extenders are currently available for purchase through the Gefen Web Site. Each comes with a two-year warranty.

GefenTV Wireless VGA Extender LR

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