GelaSkins Intros Tim Burton, Bettie Page, WETA iPhone Skins

GelaSkins announced the immediate availability of a new series of iPhone  and laptop skins based on artwork from Tim Burton, WETA and pinup model Bettie Page.

The Tim Burton skins include artwork from his Tragic Toys for girls and boys stories including Oyster Boy, Stain Boy and Pin Cushion Queen. The WETA collection includes steampunk-themed art from the artists at the special effects studio such as ray guns and scenes featuring intergalactic naturalist Dr. Gordbort.

Tim Burton's Oyster Boy

The Bettie Page collection sports more down-to-earth fare with artwork features photos of the still popular pinup model from photographer Bunny Yeager.

The iPhone skins are priced at US$14.95. The laptop skins fit the 15-inch MacBook Pro and cost $29.95. All are available at the GelaSkins Web site.