GenAudio Launches Version 2.0 of AstoundStereo Expander

GenAudio Inc., developer of AstoundSound 4D sound localization cue technology, released Version 2.0 of its AstoundStereo Expander software for both Macs and PCs on Tuesday. The new version adds feature parity on the Windows side, and adds new home theater speaker options.

AstoundStereo Version 2.0 uses is aimed at users wanting to expand the sound experience of games, movies, and music. The AstoundStereo Expander is derived from GenAudio’s AstoundSound 4D software-based technology. This technology draws on audio perception research to provide listeners with a 360-degree, spherical soundscape.The AstoundStereo Expander also allows users to apply enhanced audio processing technology to their existing digital audio.

The new version adds additional options for people with larger home theater speakers, and brings the Windows version of the software up to parity with the Mac version.

AstoundStereo Expander V2 is available through the GenAudio Web site for US$19.95.