George Clooney Battles Noah Wyle for Steve Jobs Role

In an epic battle of ER-scope, George Clooney and Noah Wyle are reportedly both fighting to get the role of Steve Jobs in a biopic about the tech icon loosely scheduled to begin shooting in 2012. Now magazine reported that both actors are interested in the role, though the magazine didn’t specify its sources.

George Clooney

George Clooney
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The L.A. Times reported in October that Sony Pictures was working on the film, and that veteran Aaron Sorkin, who most recently wrote The Social Network and cowrote Moneyball, had been tapped to write it. At the time of that report, there was no indication as to who might play whom.

In addition to its sources, another thing Now omits is that one of those actors, Noah Wyle, has already played Steve Jobs on both the screen and stage. Sort of. After his portrayal of Mr. Jobs in the Pirates of Silicon Valley, the actor appeared alongside the real Mr. Jobs on stage at the 1999 Macworld Keynote, which you can see below.

Noah Wyle and Steve Jobs at 1999 Macworld Keynote

The video below is a scene from Pirates where Steve Jobs accuses Bill Gates and Microsoft of ripping off the Mac with their new…what do you call it, Windows?

Scene from Pirates of Silicon Valley

As for George Clooney, he’s played Batman, a hapless local (on a quest), a jaded intelligence operative, a rascally thief (in love), a would-be psychic killer, an opportunistic Army officer (with a heart), and, of course a doctor, a doctor, and even a doctor.

Who will win this epic battle remains to be seen.