Georgetown Apple Store Shot Down

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Apple has hit yet another roadblock in its plans to open a retail store in Washington D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood now that the local government has rejected the company's third proposal for a store design, according to the Washington Post.

Apple had been hoping to start construction in a location that formerly housed a FCUK clothing store, but so far has been hampered by the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts -- the agency overseeing the review process -- over concerns that the store design would detract from the historic district's feel.

Thomas Luebke, secretary for the agency, commented that the building design should "come together in a way that doesn't feel disruptive to the existing environment," and added "The board felt that the design turned the building into a billboard."

So far, the review groups have called the Apple Store design proposals too bold and modern. Apple, however, had been able to successfully integrate its designs into historic areas, including it Regent Street store in London.

There is no word yet on whether Apple plans to submit yet another design proposal, or sell the location and build a store outside of Georgetown.

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Lee Dronick

“Georgetown Apple Store Shot Down”

Did they catch the perp?


... it was done “in a blaze of glory”

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

That would be “shot up”. And that would be a tragedy despite the 24/7 coverage for 5 days on the cable news networks. That would totally not help AAPL right now.


What’s wrong with the way the facade looks right now? Does it have to have an apple logo in the design of the facade? What about a small sign. That should suffice.


So, they had a clothing store called FCUK there, but they find an Apple logo distracting to their aesthetic. Must be a nice principle to hold on to in a stagnant economy.

Dean Lewis

I read the person in charge said the Apple design looked too much like a billboard. I lived in WDC for a while and have been to Georgetown plenty of times, There are plenty of places that prominently feature their company logo.

Apple should forget Georgetown and go to Pentagon City or to the Connecticut Ave. corridor, either downtown or up in the Chevy Chase area.


Apple already has Pentagon City.
Chevy Chase would be nice, although some might think it is too close to Bethesda Row.
Silver Spring could really use a boost with an Apple Store.


Connecticut Ave, just north of Dupont Circle.

Dean Lewis

Thanks, gopher. I was on my way to work and didn’t check the store listings before making suggestions. I had forgotten about Pentagon City, and was trying to place in my head where others were. Looks like they still have locations at Clarendon, Tyson’s Corner, and Montgomery Mall among others.

Your Silver Spring and iJack’s Dupont Circle suggestions could be good, I think. There are some nice places around both places. Let Georgetown keep its clothing stores and restaurants. smile

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