German Court Invalidates Samsung 3G Patent

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Apple was handed a nice win in Germany on Wednesday when the country's Federal Patent Court ruled that Samsung's patent covering 3G wireless technology was invalid. The patent in question, EP1005726, covers "turbo encoding/decoding device and method for processing frame data according to QoS," and was considered an essential component of the UTMS 3G standard.

German court invalidates Samsung's 3G patentGerman court invalidates Samsung's 3G patent

The ruling comes as a blow to Samsung because, at least for now, it can't use the patent in potential infringement cases in Germany. Apple had already managed to get out from under the patent over a year ago when the Mannheim Regional Court ruled the iPhone and iPad maker wasn't infringing, shooting down Samsung's hopes of using it to win an injunction against the company.

The invalidation review came at Apple's request, according to Foss Patents, and now Samsung has the option to appeal the court's ruling, which it likely will.

Apple and Samsung have been wrangling in courts around the world for the past couple years over mutual mobile device patent infringement claims. Apple has been claiming that Samsung is copying its designs without permission, while Samsung is claiming Apple is refusing to pay licensing fees for the technology it uses in the iPhone and iPad. So far, the courts have been siding more with Apple than Samsung.

The court didn't say exactly why it invalidated the patent, so for now we're left to speculate on the Judge's reasoning behind the ruling.

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Samsung has been having a hard go of it in the courts in its patent fight with Apple, and losing an essential 3G patent in Germany isn't helping the company's case. For all of the losses in this fight, however, business continues on as usual with Samsung making new smartphones and tablets, and Apple suing for infringement. Don't expect this legal fight to end any time soon.

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Went shopping for a TV last weekend. There were several in the same price/size range made by several different companies. First I eliminated the models from Samsung…

I just don’t like how they do business.


You could have just bought their newly announced 6.3” phone and used it for a TV. wink

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