German Retailer Claims Mac Pro Release Date of December 16th

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Do you smell that? That's the scent of pressed aluminum in the air, and that means we're getting close to the expected release of Apple's delicious new Mac Pro. An Apple retailer in Germany—Conrad Electronics—has made a successful grab for some publicity by claiming the device will be available on December 16th, even though Apple hasn't announced a release date.

The new Mac Pro was unveiled in June at Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), but the company said only that it would be released in "late 2013." During Apple's October Mavericks launch event, the company narrowed that down to the middle of December, but an exact shipping date is still unknown.

Enter Conrad Electronics, a German retailer of computers and electronics. As noted by MacRumors, Conrad recently listed the Mac Pro for preorder, with an availability date of December 16th. We have a screenshot below:

Conrad Electronics


Does the company know what it's talking about? Probably not. Apple doesn't officially tell its retailers much of anything—the life of an Apple retailer is hard, and that's being charitable—and even if Apple did break from that practice, leaking this kind of information gets you fired as an Apple retailer/partner. Just ask AMD.

But, if you don't know for sure, but stick a date up anyway? Well, that's a different kettle of fish. Who's going to complain? Not Apple, because it's not a leak. Which makes this a genius way to get some headlines, because Apple's professional base is hungry for this device, and everyone wants to know when it's coming out.

To wit, lots of sites are talking about it even now.

What we do know is that the 16th is the middle of December. So that checks out. On the other hand, Apple usually releases new products on Tuesday or Friday. December 16th is a Monday. So that doesn't check out.

Still, I personally expect Apple to announce actual availability within the next 10 days. It might even be the 16th.

And, just because we can, here's some Mac Pro eye candy.

The New Mac Pro (Undressed)

The New Mac Pro (Undressed)




Must…have…one…  Don’t need one.  But must have one!!

Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ ... Included in base price is a brand new Apple 28” 4K display with each Mac Pro purchased!!

A guy can dream, can’t he?



Did you forget to take your meds this morning ?  wink
A retailer giving away a 28” 4K display ? Never gonna happen!

Actually the new Mac Pro is kinda drool worthy, except for the fact that it’s not internally expandable, unlike the tower Mac Pros of yore.

The new Mac Pro does make more of a case for building another Hackintosh when the time comes to upgrade my 2009 Mac Pro to something newer.

Lee Dronick

Yes drool worthy.


Furbies, ironically I did have to get blood-work done today, which meant fasting, which meant that I did not take my meds this morning!!  Funny!!

But, I wasn’t looking at it like giving it away for free.  I was looking at it this way:  When first announced, there was hope that starting price would be $2,000-$2,500 range for new Mac Pro.  When they announced $3,000 starting, a lot of people were disappointed.  So, I thought how great it would be that they priced it at $3K starting with the expectation that when they released their new monitor (assuming 4K) that they would include it as part of the base machine!!  I know, I know, drug-withdrawal hallucinations.  But I did say a guy can dream, didn’t I?!?!?


First off to all four of you. Do you realize the history of Apple flaws in designing this new Mac Pro.. Let go back to 2000 the year When the first G4 came out, Apple had the great ideal of the Cube.. Now where is the Cube today, and it lasted what not even two years. The problem is Apple took a high preforming system and “F” it up with the new Mac Pro, do you realize it going to cost $3,000 and up just to add Pci-e cards or Hard drives. O yeah they hacked the Mac Pro maxed out at 12 core to only 6 core machine. For what to have thunderbolt added on and two video CPU onboard. I will wait till Apple comes around and faces the fact they messed up. If not I just have to build a clone. As far as 4K video Apple first need to aid blu-ray to there system oh yeah thats right Apple removing DVD drives from the system.

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