German Court Rules Xoom Doesn’t Violate iPad Design Patents

A German court ruled on Tuesday that Motorola’s Xoom tablet doesn’t infringe on Apple’s iPad patents. The companies have been fighting in court over allegations that the Xoom steps on three of Apple’s iPad design-related patents.

German court says Xoom doesn't look like an iPadGerman court says Xoom doesn’t look like an iPad

Even though the court ruled in favor of Motorola, it refused the company’s request to call Apple’s patents invalid, according to Dow Jones News Wire. As part of the ruling, the Judge overseeing the case orders Apple to pay two thirds of the court costs, while Motorola must pick up the remaining third.

Motorola was generally expected to win this case since a Judge said in March that the Xoom’s curved back and edge angles were enough to differentiate it from the iPad’s design.

Despite Motorola’s partial win, the legal battle between the two companies in Germany isn’t over. Apple’s case in Mannheim accusing Motorola of infringing on its multi-touch patents is still underway.

Apple and Motorola have not commented on the court ruling.