German TV Maker Denies Apple Buyout Rumor

Following rumors that Apple is buying the German high definition television maker Loewe, the company is categorically denying the report. Loewe representatives went on the record saying there is “absolutely nothing to it.”

A Loewe spokesperson gave the statement to Heise on Sunday after AppleInsider said its sources claimed Apple offered to pay about US$113 million for the company. According to AppleInsider, Loewe executives were deciding whether or not to accept the offer and planned to make an announcement by May 18.

Apple buying Loewe? Nope.Apple buying Loewe? Nope.

Loewe is known for its high-end televisions and sleek industrial designs, which would fit well with Apple’s rumored move into the television market. Assuming Apple were to purchase the company, it would have nearly everything in place to start producing its own TVs without having to design its own production system.

Had Loewe confirmed that buyout discussions were taking place, it would give analysts and hopeful Apple customers strong evidence to support the notion that an Apple-branded television was coming soon. With Loewe’s denial, however, reports of a coming Apple television are still trapped in the realm of rumors.