Get Ready for an Apple TV Update on September 18

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Apple used its Tuesday media event to focus on new iPhone models and the launch of iOS 7. The big software update will hit on September 18, and insider sources say a software update for Apple TV will hit at the same time.

APple TV software update coming next WednesdayApple TV software update coming next Wednesday

Rumors before the media event claimed that Apple would talk about Apple TV along with the new iPhone models. That didn't happen, but it looks like Apple still has plans for an update next week.

News of Apple's unspoken plans comes via insider sources talking with AllThingsD. The update timing makes sense considering Apple TV runs a version of iOS, and the improved AirPlay media streaming features in iOS 7 will need a similar software update for the set top box.

Apple is also getting ready to launch iTunes Radio, and without a software update Apple TV won't be able to support the company's music streaming service. So far Apple hasn't confirmed whether or not an Apple TV software update is coming next Wednesday.

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Even though Apple hasn't said an Apple TV update is happening next Wednesday, it makes sense. iOS 7 includes improved AirPlay streaming features plus iTunes Radio, and Apple TV needs an update to take advantage of those features. We'll be watching for the update.

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So do you think the update to Apple TV is a small one in line with iOS 7 and these two new features, thus it did not warrant any mention? Or do you think the Apple TV might be updated significantly or opened up to 3rd party devs, and thus requires it’s own media event?

Hardware changes seem to leak like crazy these days. So if we haven’t seen hardware leaks for new Apple TVs then that’s less likely. (Right?)  But a big software change, like opening up an SDK, could be kept secret inside Apple’s headquarters.

Wishful thinking, right?


The external hardware leaks for the 5C and 5S were everywhere, except for the fingerprint recognition (oddly).  However the internal changes were almost untouched by the rumor mill, beyond generic ‘better camera’ type pronouncements.  Maybe Apple gave up on keeping the cases secret becuase they realized it’s too easy for anyone in the supply chain to snap a couple of pictures and send them off?  Maybe Apple didn’t give up at all?

As for AppleTV, releasing an SDK for 3rd-party app development would be a huge deal and be seen as a big step (maybe the big step) in Apple’s TV plans.  It could be a separate even on its own, especially if they included some partners that would either distribute original content through the AppleTV or 3rd party channels making their content available through it.  Or it could fit in nicely with a new iPad announcement. 

No matter how they announce it, I hope it happens.


An SDK is sorely needed. It’s beyond due. Alkso, I’m not sure that the hurdle for including a native browser isn’t hardware related, somehow. That’s the one feature that I most want in Apple TV.

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