Microsoft to Finally Bring Office to the iPad in April

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Microsoft is reportedly ready to release a version of its Office suite for the iPad this month, which seems like something of a contradiction considering former CEO Steve Ballmer routinely said Apple's tablet isn't a device for serious work. The new CEO, Satya Nadella, is expected to announce Office for the iPad ahead of the company's Build conference in early April.

Microsoft plans to finally release Office for the iPad in AprilMicrosoft plans to finally release Office for the iPad in April

According to The Verge, the iPad version of Office will support Word, Excel and Powerpoint document creation and editing, and it will also require an Office 365 subscription. This introduction will be Mr. Nadella's first big press conference since taking over as CEO, and he's expected to also detail his plans for Microsoft's cloud-based services.

There aren't many details available yet about Office for the iPad, although it's expected to be similar to the already available (and eloquently named) Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers for the iPhone. If so, it'll be a free download, although that'll be offset by your Office 365 subscription price.

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If Office for the iPad is little more than a shell for Office 365, Microsoft shouldn't even bother. There are already plenty of Office-compatible alternatives that run natively on iOS.

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John Dingler, artist

What is that motley piece of unfocused garbage to the left of the “O?”


This will be a fun scenario to follow.
Will it sell?
Will it work?
Will anyone care enough to tune in to find out?



How compatible is iOS Keynote with PowerPoint presentations? I can see a lot of business case uses for using an iPad for presentations, especially since there are plenty of dock-to-VGA adapters out there (think conference room projectors). But if Keynote is pretty much 100% compatible with PPT files, I can’t see why anyone would buy an Office 365 subscription.


and it will also require an Office 365 subscription


O365, which we did test is a pale, kludgy unreliable shadow to regular MSOffice and I know the last thing I want is the bloatware called MSOffice on my iPad.

Just Fail


I’m with geoduck on this, but only in so far as we’re talking about home users and small businesses (and maybe even some medium-sized ones too) who have already figured out workarounds.  But let’s face it, we all know Apple has made great strides in the Enterprise, esp with iPads and iPhones, and yet many of these large cos are still bastions of MS Windows/Office.  And they are not likely to change any time soon.

IMO, this is the market MS is going after: Windows/Office shops where iPad/iPhone have made significant inroads.  However, I believe the iOS version they release will be inferior to the one you can get on a Surface, because they’ll want to continue to provide themselves with a marketing advantage.  Yet by keeping Office 100% off iOS, they now risk the hegemony of Office in the Enterprise as IT managers are looking for workarounds.  How big is this market? I dunno…but I suspect its bigger than many of us might think!  It also gives MS another tool - and a powerful one if you ask me - to sell Office365 by saying that now everyone in the Enterprise, even the iPad users, can save and sync their Office docs, ppts, etc in the MS cloud.


By making the app a free download, Microsoft is still making money (O365 subscription), but not paying the 30% to Apple.
I wonder if Apple will notice, and make some kind of new app store policy forbidding free apps from being tied to a subscription that is paid outside the app or app store.

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