Microsoft to Finally Bring Office to the iPad in April

Microsoft is reportedly ready to release a version of its Office suite for the iPad this month, which seems like something of a contradiction considering former CEO Steve Ballmer routinely said Apple's tablet isn't a device for serious work. The new CEO, Satya Nadella, is expected to announce Office for the iPad ahead of the company's Build conference in early April.

Microsoft plans to finally release Office for the iPad in AprilMicrosoft plans to finally release Office for the iPad in April

According to The Verge, the iPad version of Office will support Word, Excel and Powerpoint document creation and editing, and it will also require an Office 365 subscription. This introduction will be Mr. Nadella's first big press conference since taking over as CEO, and he's expected to also detail his plans for Microsoft's cloud-based services.

There aren't many details available yet about Office for the iPad, although it's expected to be similar to the already available (and eloquently named) Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers for the iPhone. If so, it'll be a free download, although that'll be offset by your Office 365 subscription price.